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North Korea revels in double victories in women's World Cups

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) In 2011, one of the more popular television series on North Korea's Central Television channel was "Our Women's Football Team", a five-part dramatization of the 2006 Under-20 World Cup triumph. After two similar tournament wins in late 2016, it may be time for a sequel or two.

On October 30, the women's Under-17 team won the World Cup in Jordan, defeating Japan in a penalty shootout. On December 3, the Under-20 side did the same with a 3-1 victory over France in Papau New Guinea. It makes the country the first to win those tournaments back-to-back and both teams were given a rapturous welcome on their return to Pyongyang.

"Sport is very important to the regime and always has been and any success goes down very well," Aidan Foster-Carter, long-time Korea watcher and Honorary Fellow at Leeds University, told The Associated Press.