Stone-faced Holyfield has starring role in road rage PSA

(AP Photo/ Ron Harris)

ATLANTA (AP) Flashing the same stone-faced glare that once was so familiar in the boxing ring, Evander Holyfield appeared headed toward another fight.

This time the challenge came from a hot-tempered motorist who felt he had been cut off as Holyfield pulled out of a driveway. The driver, unaware he was about to encounter the former four-time heavyweight champion, forced Holyfield off the road and slammed his hand onto the hood of Holyfield's SUV.

The enraged driver continued to yell curses and threats, demanding Holyfield get out of the vehicle. Holyfield obliged, opening the door. No longer hidden by the SUV's tinted windows, Holyfield was immediately recognized and the motorist backed away, mumbling "I didn't know it was you."


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